3 Signs Of A Failing Relationship

Talk with your partner if you see these.

Not all relationships last a lifetime and most people understand that. But some relationships are not meant to sour over time. They should ideally last forever. If you are in a serious relationship and want it to last forever, then you need to attend to the demands and challenges of such a precious bond. Every relationship goes uphill and downhill. This rule doesn’t change for anyone. Those who can deal with the reality of such ups and downs while remaining in love and caring for each other will emerge victorious in the end.

Here are three signs of a failing relationship.

Lack of Inquisitiveness

Arguments, fights, compromises and even the scarce abuses don’t imply a relationship is failing. They are common and as long as they are civil or harmless and followed up with some love there is no threat to the relationship. No Q&A is a different scenario. Not having questions for your partner, not being inquisitive enough or not being bothered about finding out anything pertaining to your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is a surefire sign that your relationship is failing. Eventually, there would be no interest and either or both of you would become distant. One of the stepping stones of a romantic relationship is the quest to know more about someone. That exploration ends at a stage but it gets replaced with concern, care and the urge to know everything about each other.

Deflective Responses

If lack of inquisitiveness signals the declining interest one has in the other, then deflective responses is the next surefire sign that the relationship needs special care. Deflecting, ignoring or not responding to questions is a sign that there is something concealed, something being kept away or deliberately camouflaged. Many people associate deflective responses with adultery or infidelity and the habit of lying. In addition to those, deflective responses are also an indication that he or she doesn’t care about responding directly and truthfully.

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Change in Priority

Less sex and lack of intimacy is normal in a relationship. There comes phases when you wouldn’t feel as emotionally connected as you were or you wouldn’t have enough physical intimacy. These phases could be triggered by many realities, including work. What’s alarming is a change in priority. If either or both of you simply don’t consider your partner as someone who should always be in consideration while planning anything, then the relationship is bound to fail.