3 Things That Could Help Prevent Cancer

Each and every year, almost 2 million people in the United States find themselves living with cancer and receiving this dreaded diagnosis from their primary care physician.

On top of that, more than 500,000 Americans alone will die from all the different forms of cancer – even though literally billions and billions of dollars are spent on research in the hunt for the cure.

Most doctors are going to recommend you take advantage of any different number of treatments when they discover that you have cancer, but all of them are going to tell you that the best treatment for cancer is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Here’s how oncologists and other top cancer specialists prevent getting cancer in the first place!

Take a baby aspirin every single day

The research isn’t 100% conclusive, but after decades and decades of testing and experimentation medical professionals the world over agree that there are significant benefits to taking a single 81 mg pill of aspirin every day to prevent cancer in all its many forms.

This aspirin is going to lower your inflammation levels, cripple the ability for cancer cells to grow, and provide you with a cascade of positive biochemical reactions that prevent cancer from grabbing a foothold in your body.

Cut out stress ASAP

The most important thing you can do when it comes to fighting cancer is to take up a hobby or two that allows you to really unwind, relax, and just kind of lose yourself in the creative activity.

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A lot of cancer specialists are taking a painting, taking a pottery, taking up song or dance – and most of them do yoga or meditation on a daily basis – all in an effort to fight back against stress (a known factor in the cause of cancer today).

Scale back on the meat you eat

You don’t necessarily have to become a full on vegetarian, but research suggests that you’ll want to cut back considerably on the amount of animal protein that you consume on a day to day basis.

Research shows that the consumption of animal proteins on a daily basis can lead towards increases in the risk factor of cancer, specifically colon cancer – one of the most dangerous and deadly cancers to deal with.

Try to go meatless at least three or four days every week if you are able to and you’ll find your health goes through the roof while your weight drops at the same time.