5 Common Mistakes That Doom An Otherwise Perfect Relationship

Don’t let little things ruin your love

Relationships are a lot of hard work. No matter how much you love someone, it can be really hard to keep your cool in the heat of an argument. While we all say things we later regret, or do things out of silly pride, there are some things that simply doom a relationship. No matter how mad, how prideful, if you want this relationship to last, avoid these five common mistakes.

1. Holding Out On “I Love You”

If you really love someone, don’t let your anger get the best of you. Holding out on those three little words can be absolutely detrimental to a relationship. It can cause feelings of doubt in your partner. If you won’t tell them you love them when you’re bad, then do you really love them at all?

2. Low Blows

If you’ve been with someone long enough, you know exactly what hurts them. Those things are the exact ones you should avoid when in the middle of an argument, because once something is said, you can’t un-say it. Those words can stay with them for a long time, lowering their confidence and causing them to build up resentment against you.

3. Friend or Family Trashing

Keep all arguments strictly between the two of you. Talking bad on your loved one’s friends or family members is silly, unnecessary, and can cause a huge rift to open up between the two of you. As much as your partner loves you, their friends and family have probably been their longer. Their loyalties for them may cause resentment, anger, or even cause them to end the relationship.

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4. Never Taking Blame

It takes two to tango… and you are not always right. You aren’t always wrong, either, and we aren’t saying that you should always take the blame. But if you are the one at fault, and you know, owning up to your mistakes is not only cleansing, but it’s a healthy part of building a relationship.

5. Leaving The Fight

As mad as you are, never walk out or leave in the middle of a fight. That won’t resolve anything. In fact, it will only make your partner even madder… and give them time to swell on it. If you need a minute, just ask your partner to let you clear your head in another room for a moment. When you’re ready, come back and settle the argument before it gets blown out of proportions