5 Easy Going Dating Ideas For Introverts

Low energy, highly engaging, very intimate.

Even with a plethora of dating sites and apps, dating in 2017 is still pretty challenging for a lot of people. For introverts, the challenges can become tenfold. Because with introverts, it isn’t just a matter of finding and connecting with people. This has to be accomplished while also dealing with a condition that makes it difficult to meet and talk with people, or go out in public for extended periods of time.

However, if you consider yourself to be an introvert, and you don’t want to let that stop you from enjoying everything dating has to offer. Chances are, you want to meet people who are also introverts, since this can give both of you a good starting point to work from. If you are looking for dating ideas that are designed with introverts in mind, you will find a number of appealing possibilities. Some of these suggestions will move you slightly out of your comfort zone. Others will allow you to focus more on the person you are on a date with, and less on the anxiety that introverts often feel while in public.

Here are a few simple dating suggestions for introverts that you can keep in mind:

1. The library

This can be a great place to have a nice, quiet date. Libraries emphasize peace and quiet, and they offer more than just books, although there is certainly nothing wrong with a date with a fellow book lover.

2. Art galleries

A date that combines personal introspection with casual conversation can be ideal for introverts. Visiting some art galleries in your area can be a perfect date idea for those who identify as introverts, since you can count on no one bothering the two of you on your date. Also provides great conversation topics!

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3. Getting Coffee

For some introverts, going to a coffee shop can be a little on the challenging side of things. Even so, if you think you can handle it, by all means. If you have a lot of options for coffee shops in your area, try to find one that’s going to be quiet.

4. The Movies

Again, something like going to the movies can strike introverts as a terrifying prospect. It doesn’t have to be. Try to choose a day and time in which you know the crowds won’t be too severe. A movie will help give a distraction to reduce the pressure on you.

5. Outdoor Picnic

Find a nice, quiet place in your area, and suggest an old-fashioned picnic for your date. Relaxing, slow paced, and highly intimate – if you want it to be.