7 Incredibly Creepy Places That You Should Just Avoid

Unless you strangly like death and safety hazards

Sometimes creepy is more than just unnerving. It can also accompany real danger and risk developing un-erasable trauma. And so, here’s seven places that you can just take our word for.

1. Hoia Baciu Forest


This creepy “gem” is located in Romania. It’s renown for it’s spooky and paranormal happenings such as ghost sightings, UFO sightings, disappearances and faces appearing in photos that weren’t originally there.

2. Aokigahara Forest


Suicide is quite a serious and disheartening act for everyone. Now, what if this event could not only potentially be witnessed and… Quite common? Aokigahara Forest in Japan is locally known as the “Suicide Forest” because every year over 100 people commit suicide here. And the real horrifying part is that the number keeps increasing every year.

3. Poveglia Island


Don’t be fooled by the seemingly welcoming picture! Poveglia Island inVenetian Lagoon, Italy, is known as the “Plague Island” as it was used as a quarantine station for people that had The Plague. About 95% of those people never left the island, dying in isolation from society. Thousands call this place their grave.

4. Chapel of Bones


As the charming name already sets a “delightful” tone, the name is actually more literal than you’d think. This chapel in Portugal is lined with human skeletal remains. That’s right, the building is made from bones of 5,000 monks. Just to make it even more cheerful, there’s two bodies hanging inside of the building, one being a child.

5. Overtoun Bridge


Humans played a big part in the previous places, but this one is a little bit creepier. Next to Scotland, this bridge is apparently haunted, as it somehow causes dogs to jump to their death. Nothing pushing them, just dogs willfully jump off of the bridge. Granted, scientists that studied the bridge have found a colony of mink that reside under it. Apparently the mink’s powerful anal glands leave a scent that have been proven to be irresistible to dogs. Regardless of the reason, it’s still incredibly unnerving…

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6. Centralia


In Columbia County, Pennsylvannia, Centralia is a real life ghost town. Going from a population of around 1,000 in 1989 to just 10 today, the city was abandon due to a fire that started in a mine beneath the town. Townsfolk tried many different means to put out the fire, but it just kept spreading into other mines. The ground started to collapse, taking houses and people down into formed sinkholes. No longer safe, those that survived abandoned the town while 10 are too stubborn to leave.

7. Island of the Dolls


I did say this is a creepy list, right? Well, this one probably is the creepiest of them all. South of Mexico City is an island called Isla de las Munecas (which translates to “Island of the Dolls”). The story goes that the island’s caretaker found the body of a girl in the waters near the island who had somehow drown. Beside the body was a doll, of which the caretaker hung on a tree as a sign of respect for the poor girl. However, the spirit of the little girl haunted the caretaker, and so he kept adding more and more dolls to appease the spirit. After 50 years of collecting and hanging dolls, the caretaker was found dead in the same spot that the little girl’s body was found. The cause? He drowned.


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