The Best Ways to Learn About Sports without having to Play Them

Finally connect with those sports-obsessed friends of yours!

Regardless of whether or not you grew up in a home that wasn’t quite as sports crazy as others, or if you just weren’t into sports when you were younger are now as an adult – or just looking for new topics to bring out that the water cooler with your coworkers – makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Learning about new sports on the surface seems really daunting, especially with all of the teams, all of the players, all of the different, and all of the history and numbers – oh the numbers – involved in every single major sport on the planet.

Thankfully though, you can really streamline and speed up learning about sports just by using the tips and tricks we are able to offer you below.

Fall in Love with “Clip Shows”

Sports Center on ESPN really isn’t what it used to be in the past (there’s a lot less focus on highlights and a lot more focus on politics and pop culture these days), but finding an online resource, YouTube channel, or twitter feed that acts like the old Sports Center used is probably the best way to get yourself up to speed on a sport in a hurry.

You don’t have to sit through an entire nine inning baseball game just to get a feel for what’s happening on the field when you can fire up the highlights of the entire day of baseball and go through them 15 minutes.

Start Playing Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Football (and fantasy sports in general) really offers everyone a unique opportunity to get a lot more involved in sports even if they have absolutely no idea or no interest in playing them regularly.

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There’s just something about taking ownership of your team, having to pick players, choose which players that will play that week, and trade different players with other teams that almost forces you to learn a lot more about the sport then you probably ever would have otherwise.

Fantasy sports in general bring even the most hard-core fans deeper into the sports, especially if there’s a little bit more money on the table. You will be caught up to speed in no time at all a couple of weeks after you take over your first fantasy team.

Pick a favorite team, check out their Wikipedia page, and follow religiously

Instead of choosing all of the teams in your hometown (or your adopted city) instead choose just ONE team and focus on learning apps of everything you can about them through their Wikipedia page – maybe the best shortcut on their history available.

Once you have that foundational history under your belt start following them religiously and you’ll find that you’re able to discuss the team with pretty much anyone and everyone like you had been a diehard for decades!