CRAZY! Gilberto Araujo IS Mistaken To Be Dead And Ends Up At His Own Funeral!

What a good time to show up, I guess!

I’ve heard of people dying and then somehow coming back to life, but this is quite different. At least it ends up being a happy ending for one family!

Via Banoosh

Gilberto Araujo is a man who went missing for four months, and then police called to say that they found out that he has been killed. His family after that were trying to find his body; his brother, Jose Marcos Araujo, mistakenly identified some similar stuff in the body, while that body was for a workmate!

They say that the body is uncannily similar to Gilberto Araujo, who is 41 years old. The confusion began when the police called Jose Marcos Araujo to tell him that his brother was dead, and then he recognized him mistakenly!

A few hours before the burial, one of Gilberto Araujo’s friends saw him walking down the street and told him that his family thinks that he has been killed.



Immediately, he headed to his mother’s home to tell her that he is totally fine and alive. But apparently, it was a shock for many people who were there as some of them fainted and others ran away. His mother said she was very happy seeing him alive and back to his home.


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