See How Easily A Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet, I Had No Idea!

If one of your droppings appear hairy, it might not be quite what you thought.

Thanks to a rat’s ribs being hinged at the spine, they can easily squeeze through tight places… Like the pipes connected to your toilet! Coupled with being great swimmers, able to hold their breathe for up to three minutes, see just how fast a rat came go from the city streets to your toilet bowl.

Via Ilyke

You’ve heard the stories about rats popping out of somebody’s toilet but it seemed a bit far fetched. It happens! See how quickly a rat can go from the city streets to your bathroom.

1. Nightmares

If you live in an urban area, it’s probably crossed your mind that it may be possible for a rat to get into your toilet through the water pipes. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Imagine getting up at night to use the toilet, lifting the cover, and ‘squeak’ there’s a rat swimming around in the bowl.


2. Explorers

How is it possible for a home invasion through a toilet to occur? A rat can easily make its way through city water pipes and sneak into grates through manhole covers. Residential sewer pipes feed into the main tunnel of piping and a rat might consider this opening a great way to explore the unknown.


3. Sharp Climbers

Their sharp claws allow the rats to scale almost any vertical surface with ease. Once inside the homes internal pipes, it just continues to climb upward until it reaches an opening.


4. Maze Experts

The last test is making it through the narrow maze that makes up the internal toilet pipes. The underwater passage leaves little room for error, but the rat can find pockets of air along the way through the pipes and workings of the toilet base. It can then bend its body and contort it to squeeze through even the smallest of openings.

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5. Collapsable Bodies

How does it collapse its body and squeeze through pipes so tiny? If a rat can fit its head through the opening, it can squeeze through the hole with no problems. The body of the rat has hinged like ribs and bones. When squeezing through a tight area the pressure on the body causes the ribs to give way and the ribs at the spine are retracted and allow them to effortlessly collapse.


6. Expert Swimmers

But what about swimming through all that water? We think of rats as land animals but it turns out they are experts at swimming. They paddle with their back legs and feet and the front feet steer. The tail works as a kind of rudder, allowing rats to swim in any type of water for up to 3 days without stopping and they are able to hold their breath for over three minutes.


7. World Travelers

Because of their aquatic proficiency, rats have been able to travel the world for centuries. Long distance swimming has allowed them to hitch rides on boats and colonize new territory on new shores. So making it up through the pipes and into your toilet bowl is hardly a feat for the scavenger rat!