Top 10 Most Ticklish Places On The Human Body

This is no laughing matter! … Or is it?

Most of us have had either a fond or hated experience of being tickled (or doing the tickling) at least once in our lives and it just so happens that there’s a common pattern of what spots are most vulnerable to this activity. So, surprising or not, here’s the top 10 ticklish spots on the body according to an online poll:

10. Legs

When someone glides their fingers up and down my legs it tickles so much

Back of my shins… Unbelievable ticklish!

I squeeze my friend Jill’s calves sometimes, she goes insane

9. Breasts

I have very ticklish breast and my boyfriend loves to tickle me there all the time

My nipples are extremely ticklish

My breast is the most ticklish! My boyfriend loves to tickle me there

8. Belly Button

I’m not ticklish anywhere. Tickle my armpits, I shrug. Tickle my feet, I yawn. Tickle my stomach, I sigh. Every other place I have no reaction whatsoever. I thought I wasn’t ticklish in a single place up until last year.

Tickles so much especially when you push in and wiggle

7. Thigh

I tell people that I’m not ticklish, but I am only on my thighs, my inner thighs is the worst!

My god! No where else in my body expect from my inner thighs are ticklish.. It hurts at the same time as it tickles when people tickle me there, you know?

I’m not usually that ticklish, except when it comes to my inner thighs!

6. Neck

Wonderful place to be kissed but rather ticklish and can ruin the mood…

Extremely sensitive. A touch can drive me crazy. Easily the most ticklish part of my body.

My neck is absolutely the most ticklish spot on my body!

5. Ribs

Worst spot. Will definitely die if tickled here

My friend always pins my hands over my head and goes crazy on my ribs. Its worst right on the very edges

Very ticklish there! Just thinking of getting my ribs tickled makes me giggle.

4. Sides

If you even grab my sides I freaked out my ex used to do that all the time to me

I remember one of my friends would poke my sides when I wasn’t looking, and I would jump because my sides were the most ticklish spot on my body.

3. Stomach

This is my most ticklish place my cousin and I did a tickle challenge and we got to tummy I went first and I was laughing so much

My boyfriend comes up behind me to give me a hug but ends up tickling me and I scream and jump in the air!

2. Armpits

I’m scared to put my arms up in public places because I know someone will tickle me

This is where my boyfriend is ticklish. His laugh is so cute. We sometimes have tickle fights.

I squeal just thinking about it!

1. Feet

My toes are the absolute most ticklish place on my body! Every guy that has ever shown interest in me has always found some reason or another to tickle my feet, making me squirm and giggle. Torturous, but so much fun!

The only place I can tickle myself.

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