Zuckerberg Passively Aggressively Tells Kayne To Piss Off After He Asks For A Loan In This Epic, Hilarious!

First, don’t use Twitter. Second, just don’t.

Go back to the drawing board, Kanye.

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I know what it’s like to be broke – I mean, not needing a billion dollars kind of broke but I am basically always in overdraft which, in my books, is basically the same thing.

Given the fact that Kayne is now going to crazy lengths to try and pay off his not-so-subtle debt, the internet is, of course, having a field day with it – like the popular restaurant chain, who basically said Kayne wasn’t even qualified to work at Pizza Hut.


My question is, can’t he just do, like, twenty appearances and be out of his debt? Or is that not how the celebrity life works?

And what about Kim K, who is apparently laughing at the whole situation? Doesn’t she have a butt-load (he he) of money that she can just give Kayne?

Anyway, enough brainstorming on how we can get Kayne out of debt. Instead, let’s all laugh at him, yeah? I mean, that’s essentially the best part of this whole ordeal, isn’t it?

What happens when one famous person asks another famous person for a loan?

Well, it’s hilarious, for one – but seeing the passive aggressive way that Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook) responded to Kayne’s plea of a billion US dollars is the coolest thing you’ll see today. It’s also basically all of us, in our mediocre and not-s0-famous lives.


The post has already been deleted but thank fuck we’ve gotten a screen grab before the glorious embarrassment is gone forever.

Who needs to waste precious time with a comment anyway when just a click of a button does so much more? Ha, I love the passive aggressive Zuckerberg. Never change, Z, never change.

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In a Facebook post that’s since been deleted, software engineer Steve Grimm—who previously worked at Facebook, according to his LinkedIn—shared a meme of a message to Kanye West. “Dear Kanye West: If you’re going to ask the CEO of Facebook for a billion dollars, maybe don’t do it on Twitter.” And Mark Zuckerberg liked it—confirming he was equally as confused as the rest of the world. We grabbed a few shots of the post before it was deleted earlier this morning.